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                                                                                   Gulf Ridge Quartet Bio

This is who we are

David O'Nan-- is the group's manager and booking agent. Blessed with a wide vocal range, David is sometimes called upon to sing the high tenor, while other times singing lead and even occasionally, the low baritone.
The Lord has certainly called David into this ministry and has confirmed this calling with one example after another of how God provides for the needs of His servants. With all our Savior has done for us, how can we do less than give our all to Him?!

Kelvin Looper--was born in Brooksville, Florida and is the youngest brother of Kelley Looper. He has been involved in music most of his life, he played the trumpet in high school, he has sang in duets, trio, choirs and a quartet with his brothers. Gulf Ridge is very fortunate to have Kelvin singing with them, he is a devout christian man like the other members of Gulf Ridge Quartet.

Kelley Looper-- was born and raised in Brooksville, Florida. Kelley has been singing a long time and sang with several local Quartets and then sang solo for many years. In 2000 he joined the Weatherfords and traveled from coast to coast. He joined Gulf Ridge Quartet in 2012 and really enjoys singing with a male quartet.

Jim Ricker--was born and raised in  Anderson, IN accepting the Lord at age 14. At 15 he organized "The Boys Quartet" traveling to perform at churches. His desire was to serve the Lord. was ordained in 1960 serving churches in central IN until 1994, when he moved to Florida, where he continued serving the Lord as Operations Manger for the Wesleyan Village in Brooksville. Throughout his life he has been involved in Quartet singing. Jim's desire has always been to glorify The Lord and to be used by Him. He feels singing Gospel Music is a God given gift and enoys using that gift for the Lord's glory

Faye Looper-- Keeps up the webpage for Gulf Ridge Quartet, runs the sound, and anything else that she is ask to do. She has stated she doesn't know when she has enjoyed working with a group as much as she is enjoying working with the guys of Gulf Ridge Quartet. What you see is what you get. Where you see Kelley look close because Faye is going to be around somewhere